Product Care

Our products are made of the highest quality materials, no matter if you look at the leather, the zipper or the lining. Our vegetable tanned leather will become more beautiful the more you use it and needs no extra care. However, like all of us and everything, our leather will appreciate some extra care from you after heavy use. This is why, after one year after your purchase, we will send you a bottle of our Alvener leather lotion so you can give your beloved product that small extra care it deserves.



Alvener products are handmade with the highest quality as we want to enjoy all your journeys with your Alvener product for a long time. This why we offer a 25 year guarantee on all our products. We will pickup, repair and send back the damaged product, if the damage is caused by production or material issues. It is important, however, that you register your product on our website once you are a proud owner.

Shipping Information

We offer free shipping within the European Union and Switzerland and also take care of any additional taxes like your local VAT or import taxes. The price you see at the checkout is your final price, no hidden fees. 

After you place your order, every Alvener product will be manufactured in Italy especially for you according to your specifications. Your Alvener product will be shipped to you as soon as possible in January 2018.
To make sure you have something special to put under the Christmas tree, we will send you an Alvener keychain and a personal note from Alvener’s designer before December 22nd on orders placed by December 18th.
With Alvener, you can bring happiness twice to your dearest one.

Easy Returns & Exchanges

Returns are at the customers expense. Please contact us through email if you want to return your order so we can expect your parcel. We will not accept returns and will not refund if returns are made without our knowledge.

The returned products must be in immaculate condition with all original tags attached to the product. In any other case, we will refuse a full refund.